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          Press Play to Watch Our Promo Video Above

          Looking for Conservative Costumes? We have Corporate-Friendly Costumes 

          for Any Event that offer extra coverage than the traditional brazilian bikinis.


          Having a Corporate Event or Private Party? Our Samba Team is geared for stage style shows and all types of events. Our Show for L'Oreal Professional Pictured.


          Samba Dancers - Los Angeles - Brazilian Dancers
          Book our Professional Samba Dancers for Your Next Event! 

          Hire The Dancing Fire's Team of Samba Dancers for your Event or Party
          The Dancing Fire's Professional Group of Samba Dancers will add excitement to your Event! Professional Samba Dancing is one of the most 
          exciting and extravagant dance styles for entertaining. Our Authentic Samba Shows are filled with beautiful dancers, full feathered costumes, dazzling rhinestones and jewels, high energy dancing, and fun. 

          svedkasummersambavanessahudgens Corporate Party for Svedka - Vanessa Hudgens having fun with The Dancing Fire

          Performing for LA Travel Magazine at the W Hollywood

          Special 中国福彩官方app叫什么 We Offer For You:
          Samba Dancers Capoeira Performers Brazilian Models
          Brazilian DJs Female DJs Brazilian Musicians
          Rio Dancers Carnival Entertainment Drummers
          Samba Costumes Brazilian Bands Samba Classes

          Carnival Stilt Walkers!


          Watch More Now

          Brazilian Dancers - Samba Dancing - Add Fire Dancers
          Book 1-8+ Dancers for Your Event! All of our girls are Young, Beautiful, & Professional dancers - in top shape - and perform in full feathered professional costumes. We also offer a variety of costume styles to meet the needs of your event. We love to perform at Corporate Events, Holiday Events, Private Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, and Much More.


          Live Brazilian Music and Drums - Brazilian Band
          Take your show to the next level with Live Percussion. Our authentic Brazilian Band brings the rhythm of Rio Brazil to your show. Feel the beat of the drums! Ask us what we recommend for you.

          Professional Choreographed Shows, Conga Line, and Photo Ops
          In addition to our beautiful female dancers, we also have a full Brazilian Samba Band, Bateria, that will bring live percussion to your event. If you are interested in Brazil's form of Acrobatics, our Male Capoeira performers will take your event to the next level. 

          Everything You Need for the Ultimate Carnival Show

          Beautiful, Experienced Dancers
          Choose between 1-15 of our beautiful dancers

          Extravagant Feather Costumes
          Full Choreographed Shows
          Authentic Samba Music is included
          Guest Participation with Conga Line
          Mini Samba Lesson
          Photo Ops with You and Your Guests

          Capoeira - Brazilian Acrobatics - Brazilian Male Dancers
          Capoeira is a form of brazilian "martial arts" that combines acrobatics and rhythm. Our capoeira artists are in top shape and the performance adds a male counterpart to your samba show. This form of brazilian acrobatics is a great floor routine that can be done on any surface.

          Add Other Carnival Extras such as Stilt Walkers, Fire Dancers, & Acrobats
          Having a Mardi Gras party or Carnival Theme event? Looking for Unique Carnival Entertainment? Book our Samba Dancers and Fire Dancers for the ultimate Carnival dance package. Our carnival performers will perform an authentic Samba show and follow it with a mesmerizing Fire Show complete with costume change and interactive activities. Give your guests the party of the year. We would be happy to recommend a show package for you - let us know what kind of event you are having and we would love to help!

          Turn Some Heads & Impress your Guests with an Authentic Samba Carnival Show 
          Book Our Samba Dancers Today!


          Samba Dancers - Carnival Dancers - Samba Show - Brazilian Samba